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CONCRETE LAW is an award winning, feature length documentary film, directed by April Jones.


SYNOPSIS: How renegade skateboarders turn their frustration with the lack of government support into fuel for political action. The Channel Street Skatepark flourished for over a decade until overpass construction led to an ongoing shutdown. Facing the fate of demolition, founders and advocates navigate their way through political minefields to save their community-built skatepark, in a section of one of the busiest shipping ports on the planet. 


This film captures the essence and grit  of urban resilience and solidarity. A story that transcends skate culture and tests community perseverance in the face of political challenges. 



World Tour KICKOFF Dates 🛹
We are stoked to announce the film’s kickoff tour, starting in Helsinki, Finland at the Night Visions Film Festival.
Film Director April Jones
Executive Producer Chris Nieratko
“It’s rare that skaters fight the law and win but CONCRETE LAW is a proof positive blueprint is how skaters can work with their municipalities harmoniously to create DIY’s around the world.” — Chris Nieratko

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