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Let me introduce myself...


My name is April Jones. I’m a filmmaker and skateboarder from Portland, OR. When I moved to Southern California I was so excited because I thought Channel Street Skatepark was going to be opened any day! Skating Burnside and DIY spots are all I’ve ever known so naturally I wanted to gravitate towards my distant DIY fam. Plus, I need someone to talk shit to me when I’m not grinding frontside. Haha.


About 1 year ago, my curiosity and love for DIYs led me on a mission to figure out why the reopening date of Channel Street seemed perpetually ambiguous. I wanted to know what was taking so long and why. I began interviewing Channel Street’s founders, local businesses, and LA city officials. What began as a small advocacy project erupted into a full-length documentary film. 


The mission of this documentary is to shine light on how to permit a DIY park. By sharing the legal process that San Pedro Skatepark Association continues to tackle, we can further educate both skateboarders and the community as a whole. Ultimately, this is a crucial step to saving current and future underground skateparks. 


Additionally, an important aspect of this documentary is to help raise money for Channel Street Skatepark. Many people and organizations have already donated and shown incredible support. I want to do my part and filmmaking is my specialty. 

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